How to Go Live on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide, Video content is more popular than ever before. If you want to bring in guests, then most of the tools I recommended above allow you to invite guests into your live show very easily. Something is blocking your connection between OBS Studio and Facebook Live. Hi I’m trying to do a FB live, but the FB Live is not working, help!? Facebook Live followed shortly after in April 2016, and Instagram followed shortly after, launching Instagram Live in November 2016. FB looks quite different with its new skin, and OBS options were different also. The feature’s in-the-moment nature creates a sense of urgency. I recommend the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. If this is happening to you, could you let me know in the comments below along with the name of your ISP? Alles wieviel du zum Thema How to go live on facebook with obs wissen wolltest, erfährst du auf dieser Seite - genau wie die genauesten How to go live on facebook with obs Erfahrungen. The alternative is buying Wirecast at $249! If you want to go live via your Facebook profile and share to your own timeline, a friend's timeline or a group you'll need to do things a little differently. Enjoy! If it doesn't then try and call your ISP and ask them to unblock Facebook Live. Whether you’re a beginner looking to define an industry term or an expert seeking strategic advice, there’s an article for everyone. You are right in saying that the version of any studio I was using when I recorded the video is quite a bit older. A naszą jedyną granicą jest nasza wyobraźnia. Turning your room into a Facebook Live broadcast makes it easy to go live with up to 50 people. Publishing tools may be under the “more” tab at the top. That really not a huge amount has changed. Let me know! It should sit and spin for a few seconds, before showing you the stream key. On that day, Facebook opened up its live streaming feature, Facebook Live, to the public. Wonderful program. I assume you have followed all the steps in this article? This is terrific, thanks so much! It’s easier than ever for brands to run a Facebook live stream, thanks to recent feature updates that let business Pages broadcast the same way personal profiles were able to previously. Then you can stream to your group. option. Hi Anthony, Glad you like OBS Studio. Could you try that? This is a fresh install of chrome with no extensions that has only been on facebook (although now it’s on your page….) Go live from a phone. The first thing to ensure is that you close as many background apps as possible. But I now see that Facebook says: As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK. I’d test the audio by listening to the preview window before you go live. Expand your knowledge. ...On your Facebook Profile, Page or Group? Click Create Live Stream. Choose where you want to post your live broadcast. Check the following: If your computer has an integrated webcam and microphone, you can get going straight away. They do, however, provide developers the Live Video API. But Facebook is moving over to Creator Studio for managing live videos. Thanks for your comment. So, you want to broadcast to two platforms from two devices. Ian, it was my PC apparently, idk why but it seem like the site is inconsistent and doesnt work 30% of the time i want to stream. I like to write and recommend lots of different encoders – because they all have their pros and cons. Have you tried again? It could be an issue with BY Broadband or even your router. After i click next button , nothing happen.. i could not get the URL and Stream key . You can integrate these with Facebook Live by sharing the window in OBS Studio and Wirecast. I know some people who used to set things up with just a page without a profile. Unfortunately, the official Instagram API doesn’t yet support Instagram API, so the only official way to stream to Instagram Live is via their app. Born and raised in the Chicago area, her brief stint in Ohio gave her a new appreciation for deep-dish pizza, but left her well-versed in Cincinnati-style chili and "cities" with a population fewer than 400,000. Ian, Thanks, Marien. If it isn’t a powerful computer then you. It’s still busy, but enough to frame your subject without overpowering the screen. Although, I would look into whether it occasionally drops. I thought this was a set-up-to-go-live setting (either audio or video? It should then work. This one is a no-brainer, though. Go&Live. Let’s get started! I've gone to great lengths to make this as painless as possible! There's a cool tool called TripMode which restricts internet use to specific tools. If you want to broadcast from your computer, you'll need to use a live video streaming tool. I assume you are broadcasting from the same place and the audio will be the same. If it does not, check the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article for possible causes. If you want to schedule an upcoming date instead of going live right now: Click the Schedule button next to the Go Live … Ian. Ian. If this is the case, I highly recommend that you try connecting on a different internet connection (such as at a friend's house or at your local coffee shop). How to go live on Facebook. Both OBS Studio and Wirecast can use many different sources for your live stream including: They support multiple displays at the same time (including picture-in-picture) and you can easily set up keyboard shortcuts with slick scene transitions. It can often depend on your PC and how powerful it is. He has a passion for making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. Facebook allows you to do this simply via the Facebook website. I'll be expanding this section to explain how to choose sources, change scenes, about scene transitions and keyboard shortcuts. Hi. Have you entered the stream key and URL into OBS Studio first? What issues are you having? But I see no reason why it wouldn’t unless your browser has some specific privacy settings. Listen on headphones so you don’t get the echo. It’s working for me. As a quick refresher, live streaming is the broadcasting of a real-time video to your audience through the Internet. First, we’ll cover how to go live through your mobile device. Please help! My go-to tool for this is Agorapulse. But at the end of the stream it wasn’t on my Page timeline. So glad it was helpful. Here you'll be able to craft your post, get the stream key and see your preview. However, you can restrict your audience by location, using Facebook’s audience restrictions. Open up the status bar (as if you’re going to write a regular Facebook status) and select the Live Video option (also denoted by the same camcorder icon). Hi Ian, thanks SOOOO much for laying this all out so clearly. If none of that solves your issue, your computer may just be struggling with streaming the video. I’ve not tried it in Linux. The go live button doesn't work on mobile devices. You can’t do this with live broadcasts even if you schedule them. Click settings in OBS Studio and then click stream in the left menu. But you can use the translate button below. That should work. 2. Ian, I cant get the stream key. We’re always looking for experts to contribute to our Learning Hub in a variety of ways. If it's really high (above 90%) then your computer may be struggling. I recently had facebook popup something saying ‘you have completed all four steps to something-something’ so I thought it might start working then. Hi Jay, Sorry for the delay. SLR Cameras & HDMI The best way to rehearse your live is to stream to your personal profile first and set the privacy settings to “only me”. Do you mean the blue button on this page, or on Facebook? However, Facebook Live is under a huge amount of strain due to the large numbers of people using Facebook Live right now. One thing you could try is to change from streaming to Facebook to a custom server. Join Facebook to connect with Go Live and others you may know. After a few seconds, it should display "Fetching video stream". I’ll try and answer your questions. Seriously Social Limited | Registered in England: 12992220 Do you know how to fix this with Facebook? Perhaps relatedly, I have an artist page, but not a personal page. Ive done everything by adjusting the settings yet it will not work when i click ‘Start Streaming’ and this will appear in event logs. I am at a loss for what to do. So, I've made it easier for you all by creating a button that connects to Facebook Live using the official Live Video API. It should be working again now. Any ideas? I do have the other two video options, video library, and crosspost. It’s just a case of trying and trying again. If this happens to you, check your browser settings to allow pop-ups from this site ( When you’re writing your description, you can add your location, use emoticons, and tag people! I know there are apps (such as yours) that have reverse engineered the Instagram API and allow you to stream to Instagram Live from your computer, but it’s not something I can endorse right now – not until Instagram provide an official way to stream to Instagram Live via their API. Thanks, John. Do check the comments below, many other people may have asked similar questions to you and will save you some worry! You should have an upload speed of at least 3Mbps, although 4Mbps and higher is preferable. Ian. Also, the speed of your computer is important. If you have at least 3Mbps or 4Mbps upload speed you should be fine. Log on to your Facebook page and click on Publishing Tools in the top menu: Then click on the +Live button on the top right: Then copy the stream key in the modal window that appears: Then click preview and fill in your update text and video information: You can't go live yet, since you'll need to enter the stream key into OBS and start your stream so that Facebook can receive it. Cut through the noise and dive deep on a specific topic with one of our curated content hubs. Have you managed to get this sorted? Click on Audience Restrictions. Facebook users can discover new content through two main methods. It’s an amazing tool – and it’s free. All you need to do is click the button above! Let me know if I can help. Because these reactions appear in real time, both the broadcasters and audience can see how others are reacting. So, you may need to give it some help and manually fix the "sync offset". It's not your download speed that makes a difference, it's the upload speed - since you are uploading the video to Facebook in effect. For marketers, this means the content you’re producing may reach entirely new audiences that your organization hasn’t targeted in the past. Could you try a different browser? Live streaming takes a lot of processing power. If you want to start a Facebook Live from a business Page, choose “Start a Live Video” from the options in the create post box. To take advantage of this method, you can consider asking current viewers to share with their networks. For help on figuring out how to do so, head to our article on changing your Facebook password. How to go live on Facebook. A number of users have been banned from broadcasting to Facebook Live for up to 3 months for inadvertently or intentionally playing copyrighted music. However, if you want to enhance the quality, I recommend investing in a decent webcam and if budget allows, a webcam. You could then view your live video on a secondary device such as your smartphone: If you are happy to go live click the "Go Live" button in the browser window: The best way is not to use music, or at least use royalty free music. I’ve updated this article with information on how to do this. You just filmed your first Facebook Live video! I can’t get the window to open up to copy the stream key, it just sits and spins. If you don’t allow this, you won’t be able to go live. What do you think? See the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article. Let me know what the, Been using OBS for years and it’s great ! I will call BT and ask. Facebook Live is all about the video, right? Original shows and popular videos in different categories from producers and creators you love I assume you’ve checked the levels you are sending through to Facebook? You do need to set it up correctly and minimize background noise as it can pick up noise from the background very easily. How to go live on Facebook from android, IOS and PC. Why’s it suddenly not working, just when I’ve got 100 mates ready to play my quiz?? The button is still on this page. Thank you for your response. You can go live using the Facebook app for iOS or Android. That's fine for developers, but not very helpful for everyone else! Loggen Sie sich in Ihren Facebook-Account ein und öffnen Sie Ihre privates Facebook-Profil oder eine Ihrer Facebook-Seiten. Hi Geert. Don't feel you need to donate. But in this article, I am going to show you how to take things further so you can use multiple cameras, embed videos and audio files, and overlay images all with slick transitions. Have you tried a different connection? You should see a pop up window. Claire is the growth marketing team manager, coming to G2 after graduating from the University of Dayton. Did you stream on Instagram? I’ve been dreaming of doing this for awhile. It's important that you have a stable upload speed. Something like this could distract your viewers from your main subject. While not writing, Claire can be found practicing calligraphy, seeking out the best dive bars in Chicago, and planning her next trip. Audio quality really matters. Facebook Live boasts various opportunities for fun and lighthearted interactions with your viewers. This footage is often authentic and unedited, which appeals to consumers’ desires to get to know the people behind their favorite brands. This was super helpful! Here's how to change your Facebook username. For marketers, Facebook live is a fun and easy way to interact with audiences through video. OBS Studio and Wirecast allow you to stream to a plethora of services including Facebook Live and YouTube. One option is to choose the custom service.