Apparently the term "commonwealth" was preferred by a number of political writers in the 1700s. Commonwealth is a term used by four of the 50 states of the United States in their full official state names. It exists to foster international co-operation and trade links between people all over the world. The term harks back to the area's constitution, which "simply deems it as such", says the Merriam-Webster dictionary.. Commonwealth Day replaced the former Empire Day. Commonwealth Day. The Commonwealth faces regular criticism on multiple fronts; perhaps the most salient complaint, though, is the association's roots in colonialism. THE biggest achievement of the Commonwealth, its admirers say, is the fact of its unlikely existence. A commonwealth refers to any group of people organized under a single government, particularly a republic. If you live in the United States of America, you live in a commonwealth. The day is an annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations and is held on the second Monday in March. How to use commonwealth in a sentence. The Commonwealth maintains its own flag. Those that do use it are equal to those that do not. Our dedicated Agent Support Team plays a vital role in ensuring all our independent agents have the tools they need to successfully build relationships with their customers. Looking to join the Commonwealth Family? Commonwealth Founder Joe Deitch shares how a chance meeting with Mother Teresa helped fuel his desire to give back and led him to launch The Elevate Prize. From Australia to Antigua, Canada to Cameroon, the Commonwealth is a remarkable international organisation, spanning every geographical region, religion and culture. Pennsylvania is officially a commonwealth, a word which comes from Old English and means the "common weal" or well-being of the public. The term "Commonwealth" does not describe or provide for any specific political status or legal relationship when used by a state. Commonwealth offers service and parts, and proudly serves the areas of Richmond, Washington DC Metro, Virginia Beach Metro, Philadelphia/Baltimore Metro, and Charlotte/Raleigh Metro. She added the inequality is reflected “in a commonwealth like Pennsylvania, which is the worst in the nation when it comes to the funding gap between … The Commonwealth Secretariat has its headquarters in London and is composed of 320 staff members from the member countries. The day has been celebrated across the Commonwealth every year since the 1970s. The purpose of the voluntary Commonwealth is for international cooperation and to advance economics, social development, and human rights in member countries. 12.01.20 Establishing Philanthropy as a Cornerstone of Your Practice. Commonwealth definition is - a nation, state, or other political unit: such as. Legally, Massachusetts is a commonwealth because the term is contained in the Constitution. Commonwealth is an RV, Boats, and Aircraft dealership located in Ashland, VA. We sell RVs, Boats and Aircraft with excellent financing and pricing options.